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Cannaregio District Hotel Venice

If you are looking for a hotel in Cannaregio, Venice, a few steps from the most important points of interest of the city, then you've found the one for you.

Venice The Times Hotel is a modern property located in a strategic position, in Cannaregio, in what is one of the largest and populated districts of the entire lagoon.

Contemporary Mood, understated elegance and refinement make of this design Hotel a perfect accommodation for anyone who wants to take a relaxing art and culture vacation in Venice.

The proximity to the Venice boat terminal enables anyone to quickly reach the hotel with any type of boat, while a few meters away are the Venice Saint Lucia Railway Station.

Another hotel's strength is the proximity to local landmarks and places of art, as the same Cannaregio district can offer plenty of entertainment and discovery during your stay in Venice.

Through a sotòportego - ancient portico-covered passage - one of the characteristic elements of local urban planning, we reach the Ghetto of Venice, the area where Jews were forced to live during the period of the Venetian Republic.

Few minutes from the hotel you can get to the Church of the Holy Apostles, of which previous structure dates 1021. The interiors, with a nave with a double row of pillars, are home to the Christ Pala among the Apostles by Sebastiano Santi, the Chapel and the Corner altar with the Communion of Saint Lucia by Giambattista Tiepolo.

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